Friday, December 5, 2014

Science is Life

Inglenook includes many field trips in it's program.  Recently, our school went to the Science centre.
One the questions about our trip was "Is the Science centre..a education gallery....a post modern entertainment hall, a nostalgia memory hall?   As we made our journey via streetcar, subway, bus our conversations about the Science centre as a thing...developed into some interesting discussions.  Once through the gates....our conversations turned into adventures, activities, learning about the Brain, reptiles, space, compression, illusions and many other things.   At the end of the day....maybe the Science centre was all of the above things.  After pizza, and a coffee...all things considered...."science is life"!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Inglenook 40th Reunion

Inglenook Community High School celebrated it`s 40th birthday in style!  Inglenook has provided a caring, safe, stimulating, innovative education for 1,000s of students.  Thank you all teachers, volunteers, staff for dedicating your experince, your energies in making this school so very, very special in Canada.  Our reunion party was a fantastic success.
Students and teachers came from 1974 through to 2014 to tell stories, celebrate, share their ideas and give inspiration to eachother!  Congratulations to everyone!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inglenook Community School is very proud to announce that Morgan Baskin, one of our students is running for mayor of our big, wonderful city of Toronto. Morgan has been a student for one year at our school.  Last semester, in our Outreach program, Morgan volunteered to work with a Toronto councillor.  From our outreach program, Morgan had the opportunity to see the politics of the city and decided to 'fling her hat' into the ring.  Civic duty is so very important to our city and country.  We applaud, cheer Morgan for her dedication to civic life, civil society and democratic process.  Congratulations!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Community School

Inglenook is a community school.  We try to encourage group activities that creating a sharing, caring and inspiring ethos. Every year, we head up to the Kortright Centre to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Inglenook tries to connect the social with the emotional through our sharing of food, conversation and fun. Our pie ceremony is one of those activities.  On A VERY LONG picnic table, we count down the number of Pi and toast nature by having a banquet of pies. Its fun, social, emotion and community in one.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chair Art Show

Athina's Craft ART 11/12 Had an project assignment to design and build a chair.  Seems like an easy task...but where to start? What is a chair? What can a chair say about our society, our psyche, our ideas about "chairness' and philosophy?  The class did a wonderful job at designing and building their chairs.  Watch out Milan! Here comes Ingl'design.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Obscure Clothing Day!

Clothing...we all enjoy creating our personalities with clothes.  But what about the obscure piece of clothing that you received at a birthday that you have not worn.  Inglenook Community School is have a Obscure Friday Dress event to appreciate the WONDER!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Epiphany is an Inglenook student, who enjoys her academic courses, being part of the student council and Outreach.  Epiphany would like to enter a program at university in environmental studies.  At Inglenook, you as a student, do not have to sacrifice your hobbies, interests because of program or bias.
Epiphany is currently completing her Outeach at Matthew Genser salon.  Epiphany always has wanted to learn about hair dressing, colouring, hair styling and now through her Outreach, she is able to nourish her non academic interest. " The Genser Salon is a great place.  The owner sings Disney songs and the atmosphere is great.  I don't want to be a hair dresser but have always wanted to explore it as an interest."
It can be done....'combing' your interests and academic! Ha!  Congrats....Epiphany.